The Karachi Innovation Challenge and Hackathon

14081077_607006559476555_444659133_nThe Karachi Innovation Challenge and Hackathon in collaboration with Karachi Youth Initiative and I AM Karachi Consortium will be held from 23rd Sept to 25th September 2016 in Karachi’s Habib University.

The challenge will bring collectively 200 or so City Dweller Innovators to create, change and develop innovative ideas to solve Karachi’s troubles. Four themes shall be taken in notice:
DIY Citizenship – Citizen-initiated and run  ‘Do it Yourself’ Initiatives aimed at addressing Karachi’s problems in a variety of contexts (education, health, waste collection, economic empowerment, de-radicalization, etc.)
Creative Human Spaces – The Use of Creative Spaces designed to culture, art, storytelling and other creative endeavors to create a humane and harmonious City (things like T2f and others)
Smart City – Technology-driven interferences to help create a smart and intelligent city that brings relief to and works for its citizens rather than vice versa

Trusted City Government – How and through what channels of technology can Karachi & its local bodies recreate their trust levels.

Citizen Innovators will propose pioneering ideas and projects that fall under one of the above categories and then come together to help build trial products and test them. They will present before a final jury on 25th September 2016. Four winning teams shall receive the start up support cost of 300,000 PKR along with mentoring and a chance to be in the Civic Accelerator and other international opportunities that can take their initial idea to a bigger dream of success.
Register at: before August 25, 2016 for a fun-filled weekend at Habib University.. The time to brainstorm for Karachi is here.. We can be the change we want o see..

The Pictures Provoke Karachites To Get Up And Get Going To Stand For The Change They Want To See. This empowers the feeling of improving our city into a more aesthetically interesting and more intelligent city like its residents…

Inclusion inspires innovation. The taunts that sre coming are to motivate one to invent to create to design & to change the course of the city using brains and concepts..


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