Movie Review Of WRONG NO

WN Poster6The ARY Films and YNH Films creation Wrong No was released this Eid-ul-Fitar all across Pakistan. In private premiers of Lahore and Karachi, Wrong No set up a red carpet which was shinning with various stars of our media industry. The film had faced a few shots of criticism before release but after its hype over social media and the catchy music tracks the movie had quite a good anticipation build up for the audience.

The film has a good strong cast but the director has to carry it along which Yasir Nawaz did skillfully. In an Overall out of 10 I rank the movie a big 8.5 and here’s how I would rank Wrong No and why one should go for it.
The direction and storyline of Wrong No is nicely done. The comedic punch lines and character selection is done brilliantly by Yasir Nawaz. The actors and actresses play their roles actively and seem very natural.

The cast has the eye-candy Danish Taimoor ,  the very romantic ye naughty Sohai Ali Abro, Janita Asma looking pretty, the legend Javed Shiekh (he’s the power house) and Shafaqat Cheema as the villain. Nadeem Jaffri, Danish Nawaz, even Yasir Nawaz are seen in the film supporting the story classically,

The story is a mix and matches of romance, faith, moral values and accepting that you really are, all this with a comedy sugar coat that will have the audience rolling on the floor laughing. The comedy is crisp, clean and quite hilarious; the scenes are well executed by all the senior and junior stars.

The romance and comedy goes side by side in equal balance. The romance is clean and family oriented while the comedy is suitable for major age groups. Yes that means go along with family or friends, even alone o have a great time, laughing out loud after every few minutes is a bonus of Wrong No.

The story has good twists and turns but it doesn’t leave the comedy behind. You will see some good action packed fights and some good stunts in the movie.

Supporting the local cinema industry is also a motive, but it’s a movie worth a watch. Pakistani cinema has produced remakes of old classics and good political movies, now it’s time for comedy.

The movie will and expecting releases in UK, UAE and India within the coming month. That means overseas desi people can enjoy our cinema instead of just watching the Bollywood films.

The music is quite fairly done. The song Selfiyan Re Selfiyan was although an item number but it did not at all look or sound crude or improper. All the romantic songs like Dheeray Dheeray is a heartfelt lyrical composition (better than listening to earthy songs from across the border)

Written By Mariyam Sultan


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