Shamaeel Ansari Hosts A Fashion Soiree

4Shamaeel Ansari unveiled her Heritage Collection to a select audience of clients and media at her residence on Thursday. The collection is both “delicate and and special & catered at women who dare to be different,” says Shamaeel of her latest offering.

A legend in the fashion industry, Shamaeel Ansari has been running her own designer label for 27 years, and is the winner of a LUX Style Award. Shamaeel’s untiring flair for design appeals to a sophisticated clientele and her creativity and flair in managing both her business and her family makes her an immediate choice as a Miracle Mentor​.

Set in her picturesque garden, the evening soiree allowed her special friends, her clients, her selected Pond’s Miracle Women to get a firsthand look as some of the outstanding pieces from her extremely luxuriant vintage couture and bridal collections. Shamaeel who is proud to be a Miracle Mentor was delighted that some of her chosen Miracle Women could be with her. Especially handpicked pieces from her collection dotted the verandah, displayed on artfully done up mannequins and tailor dummies in headgear by Anisa and Amina Khan of RAKA.

At the showing were some of Shamaeel’s 10 Miracle Women who have been selected by her as being outstanding in their field while balancing their family lives.

“The miracle lies within you! You are a complete, equipped and confident woman. The strength of a woman lies in finding the perfect balance between her professional and personal duties. It’s great to be a part of the Pond’s Miracle Journey as it highlights women who have worked so hard and passionately to get where they are in life. Never be afraid to express your individuality. The miracle is you, if you seek to choose the perspective of self confidence, focus, consistency and positivity…you will live each one of your dreams.”

A sumptuous high tea and much bonhomie rounded off the soiree.


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