Pasha Fabrics launches debut womenswear Eid collection in bespoke fabric

Fine Artist Sahar Noon who designed the prints and embroideries for Noor...The House of Pasha, Pakistan’s finest quality luxury fabric manufacturers, launched their first womenswear line titled ‘Noor by Pasha’ with the debut of their Eid Collection on 21st June 2014.


This collection by the House of Pasha heralds a brand new concept in summer fashion for women, with Pasha specially developing a bespoke fabric titled Flex Weave for this collection, with a unique stretchable property though it is 100% natural fibre. It absorbs moisture effectively, has exceptionally good drape quality and is highly comfortable in summer. The prints and embroidery have been exclusively designed by the talented artist Sahar Noon aided in regard to fabric consultancy by the leading fashion personality Sara Shahid of Sublime.
The launch of Noor by Pasha was attended by fashion and social personalities alike with seasoned and coveted designer Nilofer Shahid in attendance as chief patron. The event was managed by Aamir Mazhar with PR by Lotus PR.


Speaking about the collection, Khawaja Ahmed Usman, the CEO at Pasha Fabrics stated: “At Pasha, we have a passion for weaving fabric. We work with consultants and artisans across the globe and in Pakistan and research and develop the finest luxury fabrics and designs. Noor is our first initiative to manufacture womenswear. It was our desire to create a better quality and more elegant fabric than lawn for women’s summer wardrobe. Lawn tends to wrinkle very quickly, has no fall as such and clings to the body in hot perspiring weather. So we developed our Flex Weave fabric. It is a high tech fabric, made of 100% natural fibre that has a special stretch factor; its deeper texture gives greater richness to the design and vibrancy to the colours; it drapes down very smartly; it has effective moisture control, is more wrinkle free and light and comfortable to wear. I feel that Flex Weave will completely revolutionize woman’s fashion in future.”


Indeed the House of Pasha seek their Inspiration from the golden age of the Ottoman Empire, which was the centre for fashion and elegance and the producer of the finest silks, velvets and cotton in its time. With this inspiration, the team at the House of Pasha has been working as dedicated artists of the loom for over two decades, endeavoring to create new concepts in textures and designs in luxury fabrics. Stalwarts within men’s fabrics, Noor by Pasha is the House of Pasha’s first ever women’s line, comprising of unstitched fabric for women for Eid specifically, with customized digital prints and embroidery across 15 distinct designs. The three piece unstitched ensembles are all priced at PKR 7,500.



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