Color Pop by MKP (3)A dedicated creative person and one who will more typically than not be found enjoying doing a shoot, Mohsin Khawar continues to set himself apart. If his new Color Pop shoot is any indicator of the standard of work one will expect from MKP, it’s clear to check that Mohsin can go way far in the world of fashion photography.

His latest shoot, Color Pop, is exactly that! it’s jam-packed with light and colours whereas ensuring that no one color contrasts with, or overshadows another. This fun, sophisticated shoot was done at the MKP studio with the concept of transfer the summer colours to light. the person behind the camera, Mohsin Khawar, tells us a bit bit regarding the vision behind this shoot: “The theme was to hit the summery colours. we tend to created certain that our model, Hina, was titled in a} very stylish manner using one in all the most effective cosmetics complete within the world and one in all the best wigs. Our makeup creator fatima Nasir did a beautiful job on this  and certain the colours can merely cause you to feel contemporary and every one jazzed up.”

You can consider this exquisite however casual shoot that might simply belong in any huge selling magazine round the world, at and see if you’ll be able to tell in any respect that the model is truly sporting a wig!



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