ALI ZAFAR BRIGHTNESS REVOLUTIONActor and singer Ali Zafar joined hands with Lipton pakistan to a few Brightness Revolution at space 51 on a balmy evening in karachi. the stylish event was attended by leading media, interested food bloggers, leading lights from Pakistan’s entertainment and lifestyle print media, Ali’s very happening friends & well wisher and a bunch of TV channels all handy to record the moves of the Lipta-Dance as seen in the new Lipton ad film that went on air.

Asima Haq, marketing Director, Foods, Beverages & Activation at Unliver pakistan aforesaid, “Lipton is one of the world’s leading tea brands. it’s a choose ME up beverage that talks to people that love life. Long related to music, Lipton pakistan is launching ‘The Brightness Revolution’. The inspiration behind this campaign is to bring contagious positivism amongst Pakistanis. The hip music, Ali’s unflawed dance moves, Pakistan’s scenic locations and excellent direction build it a treat to look at.

The message at the conference was all concerning Lipton’s promise of a good cup of tea that ‘Brightens up your day”. once Ali Zafar sips lipton tea and is propelled into a song and dance nobody will resist the temptation to tap their foot, learn the step and forced an entry a spontaneous dance. On saturday the audience saw Lipton’s new 50 second commercial, currently airing on national network and television system, depicting tea as providing that ascent moment this is often all captured perfectly within the tagline: Brightness Revolution.

Speaking concerning his expertise Ali Zafar who composed, wrote and sang the jingle, aforesaid “it has been a superb expertise shooting the Lipton commercial as a result of i feel the initiative that the whole has taken is one in every of its kind. Also, the actual fact that this ad has been shot utterly in pakistan with a spirit of uniting all cities below the Brightness Revolution platform makes ME proud to be related to it. i attempted my best to make sure that the jingle I even have created for the campaign at once makes the listeners faucet their feet and spring into a dance. I’m trying forward to a lot of pleasure round the Lipton Brightness Revolution and therefore the largest Lipta-Dance of pakistan.

The 50 sec Lipta-Dance TVC was unveiled to the assembled media by Director Foods, chief executive officer Unliver pakistan Foods Ltd. Fariya Subhani along with Ali Zafar who delighted the audience by breaking into a spontaneous step from the TVC. He challenged the assembled media to undertake out the steps with him and there was a spontaneous spherical of Lipta-Dance because the assembled media joined in. the evening continued  with ancient tea snacks, all dance enthusiasts active their steps, taking selfie on the very innovative piano themed red carpet and at the specialised selfie corner.

The ad is shot by leading ad man Farooq Manan and choreography is by ACT ONE. Ali Zafar is joined by individuals across pakistan doing the Lipta-Dance. The multi-channel campaign includes tv, radio, print, outdoor, digital, in store, social and promotional material.


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