Pakistan Idol: Final Four Contestant

pakistan idol top 4After nail-biting elimination episode, Pakistan’s beloved ‘choti si chirya’ Rose-Mary left the competition. She was the only girl left in the competition that had come this far with her melodious voice which woo-ed the crowd. Although, 15 years old Rose, left the audiences and judges in a bitter-sweet goodbye, everyone is now anxiously anticipating for the first Pakistan Idol to be crowned.

Pakistan Idol became a house-hold sensation since the auditions round started. Every individual who aspired to become a sensational star through this prestigious platform tried their luck at various camps set up by the Pakistan Idol team for the auditions. The international franchise of the show has scooped 460 million viewers in over 150 countries worldwide.

Every Friday and Sunday night at 9, Pakistani audiences watch the show transfixed by the resonating voices of their favorite contestants, and then vote generously for the person they think has a potential of becoming Pakistan’s ideal-voice. The winner of Pakistan Idol will not only get fame, fortune and a title to represent Pakistan through his vocal cords, but he will also get Rs. 2.5 million cash price, a brand new Honda City Aspire and a recording contract worth million of rupees!

Now with just four boys left in the show, the level of competition and judging criteria has gotten much higher. Every episode for them is an opportunity to prove themselves not just to the judges, but also to the audiences. Which is why the judges keep appealing the viewers to vote consciously, because this far in the competition, it is only votes that’ll eliminate or save a contestant.

As the judges help the contestants to give the best of their performances by criticizing and advising them to do their best every time, Pakistan Idol also have an interesting aspect of calling celebrity guests on show. From Rahim Shah to Strings to Ali Zafar, Sajjad Ali and many more have become a part of Pakistan Idol to mentor and encourage the contestations. And not only this, Pakistan Idol has also followed theme-based performances of the last couple of episodes. While the followed old Pakistani fold songs one day, the followed Disco theme the next. All of this not just makes the show much more interesting but it also showcases’ the versatility of a singer.

Through all, these overzealous boys have remained focused and passionate about their dreams. Despite the emotional goodbyes every week, they have tried their best to stay focused and give the best of their performance. The boys have now fathomed the fact that if they choose songs according to the genre they’re most comfortable singing in, their performance will automatically boost up.

So let’s have a look at the four contestants left. From which, only one will outshine and become the first Pakistan Idol:

Muhammad Shoaib, is a native of Kissa Khwani in Khyber Paktunkhwa but resides in Pehawar. He is also the only pathan in the competition which adds to the diversity of representing all sects of people in the competition. Mouhammad Shoaib does not have a formal training in singing, but has managed to mesmerize the audiences and the judges with his soft, soothing voice with a tinge of huskiness. With his humble nature and beatific grin, he aspires to go really fare with his singing career.

Zamad Baig, flew all the way from Lahore and was one of the few lucky contestants who was chosen from a large horde of contestants who came to audition for Pakistan Idol. His zeal to follow his dream of becoming a singer and dire focus of achieving his dreams has gotten him so far into the competition. Zamad has a raw element to his voice, which often led the judges to compare him to Late Nustrat Fateh Ali Khan. He believes sufi rock is his genre, and he sure has seemed to excel in the show by choosing appropriate songs of his genre.

Syed Ali Asad Zaidi, is every girl’s heartthrob, who has come a long way into the competition. His interest in music is as versatile as his singing abilities. He loves listening to Asad Amanat Ali, Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Kishore, Mohammad Rafi and Michael Jackson, The Beatles and Queen. He is the only guy in the completion who has a grave interest in rock music, which is often reflected from the high-pitched tunes he likes to sing. Ali has his eyes set on the price and heart set on singing the best of songs, which is probably why Hadiqa Kiani gave him a danger bell in the last episode!

Kashif Ali, being thejudges’ favorite,since he goteliminated from the competition earlier on, which shocked and disappointed the audiences making him return back into Pakistan Idol through the Wild Card entry. This is why, this 21-year old has learnt to take success with a pinch of salt. He voice and singing versatility has often been compared to that of Kailash Kher.

At this point in the game, let us just say that may the best man win the competition!


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