Shehla Chatoor to showcase a brand new luxury/pret collection, ‘Samsara’ at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, April 2014

Shehla Chatoor [F]The desired house of SHEHLA introduces their Spring/Summer 2014 collection “Samsara” on Day 2 of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week – Fri, 11th April, 2014.

Samsara, the circle of life, is being presented as a circle of fashion wherever new trends are born and that they fade away giving thanks to the birth of latest trends. the collection represent the daring and confident Pakistani woman, as she re-invents herself and desires versatility in her wardrobe to dress for dinners, cocktails and red carpet events.

Speaking regarding her collection for PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, Shehla Chatoor aforementioned “For me PSFW could be a consistent platform to showcase my collection. the most necessary reason is to extend complete awareness and to point out everybody what complete SHEHLA is all regarding. PSFW gets an excellent deal of coverage within the native and international media, therefore this makes it an excellent platform on behalf of me.”

Indeed Shehla Chatoor’s new “Samsara collection” ignites recollections of mist lined mountains and legendary narratives, long forgotten within the bustle of nowadays. it’s an invitation to step back in time and return the places of our ancestors. This collection is testament to the cycle of life through a journey that spans the length of our mighty himalayan mountain range from the steep climbs of nepal, across the expanse of india and China to firmly rest within the majestically lofty mountains of pakistan. The cultural motifs born of this rugged piece of land speak of centuries within the cradle of the Heavens wherever each story that unfolds is a mirror of grander celestial style, the symbol of eternity.

The huge array of style options that the subcontinent needs to offer are intensely targeted, brought underneath Shehla’s knowledgeable gaze and translated into the “Samsara” collection. From the macro-scope to the micro-scope, they’re condensed into elegant and lavish motifs that embellish the rich materials that they adorn. Buddhist mandalas from the temples of tibet, calligraphy from the palaces of China, paisleys from Kashmir, florals from the Mogul tombs of india and also the majestic gardens of Lahore, and also the daring linear graphics of the northern tribes all converge in an exceedingly mystic harmony that’s unambiguously eastern. This collection speaks of home for Shehla and endeavours to inspire a similar sense of belonging for all those viewing it at Lahore PSFW 2014.

Shehla has worked tirelessly towards bringing cohesion to several|the various|the numerous} aspects of what symbolizes eastern style with many hours painstakingly dedicated to perfection. operating together with her several artisans, she has additionally incorporated metal accents onto ancient embroidery so as to update associate degree antique tradition. hundreds of chains, cascading like rivers, are stitched on to a blouse and thousands of studs, that pay homage to lofty mountain peaks, are incorporated onto hand worked gara jackets. The samsara collection boasts efficient and becoming cuts further as glamourous savoir faire that has become substitutable with the Shehla brand. additionally, Shehla has chosen this year to reinvent the time worthy sari with an aim to transcribe a quintessentially eastern garb onto an overstrung, unorthodox silhouette. These pre-draped saris with their exciting blouses square measure a playful fresh take on associate degree antique ensemble which will be simply add drama to the red carpets of nowadays.

Through this current collection, Shehla additionally aims to more her precept of making an entire  look by extending her style portfolio to incorporate meticulously crafted jewellery that compliments her article of clothing and accessories line. Shehla’s clientele will rest assured knowing she offers a one-stop solution that paints an entire image with garments, bags, shoes and jewelry in tow, all born of a style philosophy that jump-starts tradition and sets the bar for innovation and glamour. For a lot of details, please visit Shehla Chatoor on Facebook


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